Formstack Announces New Integration with Microsoft Power Automate

Press Release
February 3, 2021

New Formstack Forms + Power Automate connector transforms the way users collect, update, and maintain data within Microsoft systems, delivering increased workplace productivity

FISHERS, IND.—February 3, 2021— Formstack, a no-code workplace productivity platform, today announced its new Formstack Forms integration with Microsoft Power Automate. The new connector enables users to create automated workflows between Formstack Forms and their Microsoft systems (Dynamics, Teams, Excel Online, Sharepoint, OneDrive), and hundreds of other popular apps and services.

Every organization faces a digital imperative to automate complex processes, yet too many are still buried in paperwork and inefficient, manual tasks that cause a drag on employee productivity and the customer experience. According to a Smartsheet survey, every 4 of 10 people spend at least two hours on routine, repetitive processes with data collection, transformation, and data entry occupying the most time. 

“In a digital-first environment, everyone from business users to IT managers are looking for ways to automate business processes and boost productivity, without replacing their current systems,” said Zak Pines, VP of Partnerships at Formstack. “Our Formstack Forms integration with Microsoft Power Automate is a one-to-many connection between a Formstack form submission and the Microsoft systems users rely on each day. Users can go beyond surveys and polls to collect, update, and maintain data within their Microsoft systems—even as those systems grow and customers make changes.”

The Formstack Forms + Power Automate integration unlocks numerous possibilities for organizations to reduce manual data entry (and associated errors) and inefficient processes. Once connected, users will instantly be able to kick off dynamic workflows and send form submissions to multiple Microsoft products such as:

  • Microsoft Dynamics—by creating new records or updating existing immediately upon submission
  • Microsoft Teams—which can send notifications to any Team member when a form submission has been completed
  • Microsoft Excel Online—adding a new line item to a spreadsheet upon form submission
  • Sharepoint—uploading a file or creating a new item
  • OneDrive—uploading files directly from form submission to a OneDrive account

The new connector builds on Formstack’s integration partnership with Microsoft, which includes Formstack Documents integrations with Power Automate and Dynamics.

“One of the biggest challenges organizations face is scaling and automating business processes—from digitizing pen and paper processes, to automating complex processes that span legacy and modern applications,” said Justin Graham, Partner, Power Automate at Microsoft. “We’re happy to add Formstack Forms to our Power Automate ecosystem to help customers securely capture data and easily kick off dynamic workflows that simplify key processes—from payment capture to lead generation.”

“Working with companies to integrate Microsoft’s productivity suite into their work routines, Formstack has been pivotal in helping our clients streamline and standardize data collection at scale—both internally and externally,” said Anne Seymour, Director of Transformation Services at SeedSpark, a Formstack partner. “Now, the combination of Formstack and Power Automate means that instead of data being static, it can continually sync with clients’ cloud-based data catalogs—in SharePoint, Teams, Power BI, Dynamics. This means focusing less on the data itself and more on the business intelligence that it provides to help direct decisions, better serve customers, and empower leaders to shape the future of their industry.”

The Microsoft Power Automate connector adds to the growing number of popular web applications Formstack integrates with to enable customers to automate workflows, tame data chaos, and ensure consistent data between critical business systems.

To learn more about or add the Formstack Forms + Microsoft Power Automate integration, click here.

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